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Covid-19 Vaccination Update

Tuesday, 27 April 2021
Covid-19 Vaccination Update

Hasn’t time flown? It seems only yesterday that volunteers and practice staff were desperately clearing the snow in January and February to allow our elderly population to access their first covid-19 vaccination. Now the sun is shining, coffee shops and pubs are open, people are meeting in the park and these patients have had their second vaccine!

We passed a milestone over the weekend completing 20,000 vaccinations. What a fantastic achievement by all concerned and in the words of Greg Fell (Director of Public Health, Sheffield) “these are numbers you can only dream of”.

Once again we have so many people to thank for their tireless work and organisation.

As the vaccination programme has unfolded it has become apparent that a huge burden falls upon practice managers and their administrative staff. We applaud all their unwavering commitment in the face of short notice changes, endless phone calls, rota organisation, changing guidelines.

Our practice staff continue to rise to the challenge by turning up at Dore at all times through the week.

Our volunteers have been outstanding and their roles have expanded as it became clear that the burden on practice staff would be unsustainable.

Our Volunteer marshals have braved all weathers and always worn a smile, even if they are wet wiping their 400th laminated leaflet of the shift.

We have been so fortunate to have such a highly skilled bunch of volunteers both vaccinating and inputting data on site. Over the past 2 months more than 50% of vaccinations have been given by a volunteer vaccinator. This helped us to reach the national target of offering a 1st vaccination to all > 50yrs by Easter.

At the end of March all Primary Care Networks in the country were asked whether they would expand their vaccination campaign into Phase 2, which covers adults aged 18-50. Despite the challenges and fatigue of the past 3 months I’m proud to say that as a Network we were one of only 7 networks in the city to expand into Phase 2. I’m certain that we would not have felt able to do this without the support from our volunteers.

Special mention to Liz, Sandra, Elaine and Kira who have co-ordinated recruitment, training and deployment of our volunteers.

So much achieved that all involved should be so proud of, but we must not rest on our laurels. There is still lots of hard work to do and we need your continued support.

We are half way through the 2nd doses of our > 50s and these should be complete in another 6-7 weeks. We are also half way through our 1st doses for 18-50 year olds, meaning that many young people will need to return for their second vaccine in August.  Still plenty to do!

We are still looking for to engage more volunteers in the vaccinator and data inputting roles so if you know anyone who would be interested, please pass their details on.

Thank you and best wishes to everyone involved in the Porter Valley Vaccination Programme and keep up the hard work!

Dr Humphrey Emery

Clinical Director Porter Valley PCN


You can download this update here

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